Effective Tips to Lose 10 Kilos Two Weeks

Tip No: 1

Do not eat anything for 1 hour after exercise. This is the time when the metabolic activity is at its peak and if you remain hungry, your body will depend on stored fat for survival.

Tip No: 2 

Dinner at 20:00 and not eat anything after that until breakfast the next day.

Council No: 3

Beber a glass of warm water with 20 drops of lemon juice just before exercise and keep drinking water after exercise

Tip No: 4

Sleep 50 hours a week. Ideally, sleep and wake from 22:00 to 5:00 – the body goes into energy saving mode and tries to conserve fat if you stay awake for hours tardies and your sleep will be less than 6 hours a day, so subtracting your weight bodily.

Tip No: 5

Avoid fruits with high glycemic index. ie high in natural sugars such as grapes, chikoos, mangos and bananas. Eating other fruit in moderation

If you follow the above, you will certainly have an ideal body weight.

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