Dream Home: She Lives With Her Daughter In This Container, But Wait Till You See What’s Inside

This young woman proved that it only takes a little imagination to turn an ordinary container in to a comfortable living space!

Lulu and her daughter didn’t have a home, and they received a container which was used as a first aid. However, when you look inside, you would never have thought that you have entered into a mobile container!

Forced to repay her studies and raise her daughter, Lulu had no other choice, but to accept life in a container which was given to her by generous people. Although she didn’t know anything about interior design, she spent months of effort and motivation to provide a decent home and a warm an pleasant place for her daughter.

Everything is done with style that everyone thinks that the interior was designed by a real professional! The value of this living space today is about $ 400 but for Lulu and her daughter, this is their own little empire and an oasis of peace! Take a look at their small but cozy home:

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